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Eliza Kennedy, Advancement Officer, Young Alumni

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Aaron Norton
It takes a village, so please contribute any amount you can as the show of love and support to Tabor as important as the financial support.
Abigail Magni
Abigail McBride
Adam Briggs
Adam Packard
Adam Roy
In honor of Travis Roy
Aidan McBride
Ainsley Onstott
Alaska Elia
Alec McBride
Alex Kohn
Alex Larsen
Alex Loer
Alex Raslavicus
Alexander & Katie Browning
Alexander Browning
Alexandra Sickel
In honor of #BLM
Alexandra Thompson
In memory of Travis Roy
Alfred Badger
Alice Mattison
In honor of DEI work, BLM, and GSA
Alison Mitchell
Alison Van Keuren
Join me class of 1993!
Alissa Assad
Alyce Gross
Alyssa Rueb
In memory of Travis Roy
In Memory of Travis Roy
Amanda Murray
Amy Ambrecht
In honor of Travis Roy
Amy Clark Canty
Let's unlock the diversity challenge! We are more than halfway there!
Amy Duffell
Amy Feen
Amy Roussel
Andrea Goldman
Andrea Tardif
In honor of Tucker Francis
Andrew Macaulay
In memory of Geoff Ewenson
Andrew McCain
Andrew McIntire
Andrew Mottur
Go Seawolves!
Andrew Roque
Andrew Tappe
Andy Thompson
Ann Astrachan Eggleston
In honor of The students working to support BLM!
Annie and Tom from ‘84 going the extra step to connect folks!
Ann Boxler
Anne Gardiner
Anne Walker
Annie Baker
Annie McBride
Ansley Martin
Anthony Dundas-Lucca
Anthony Pace
Anthony Zonfrelli
Anton Boxler
Anya Goodridge
Ari Willey
In honor of Travis Roy
Arthur Parks
Asa Smith
Austin Curwen
Barry Browning
Barry Federman
Becki & Matt Maki
Becky Love
Becky Love
In memory of Travis Roy '95
Ben Daly
Go Tabor!
Benjamin Bryant
Benjamin Cook
Benjamin Taub
Times at Tabor were some of the best of my life!
Bert Fett
Beth (Grosart) Little
Beth Mottur
Bethany Daniels
Bill & Lisa Pezzoni
Bill Sheehan
Blake Zahn
Bonnie Punsky
In honor of Will Parker ‘04
Go Seawolves!
Brendan McSweeny
Brendan Tierney
Thanks! All-A-Taut-O
Bri Blakeman
Brian Freyermuth
Brian Griffith
Brian Montgomery
Brooke Lovett
Bruce Lee
Bruce Myers
Bruce Williams
In honor of Tinker Saltonstall
Bud and Barb Elliott
In honor of Charlie Elliott
C C MacKenzie
In honor of Lucien Lavoie
Cain Goettelman
Caitlin Milbury Young
Candace Whipple
Caraline Zeizel
Carlen Singmaster
Thank you Tabor!
Carley Lemay
Carly Nelthropp
Carly Nuttall
Caroline Burke
Caroline Packard
Caroline Watson-Felt
So excited to aim my gift to the DEI challenge! Thank you for making that a priority for TA. Go Seawolves!
Carson Colmore
In memory of Geoff Ewenson
Carson Drake
Carson Zanella
Catherine Barry
In honor of Travis Roy & for all those fighting for a better Tabor for ALL.
Catherine Capasso
Catherine Greene
Keep up the good work, go Seawolves! William and Catherine Greene
Catherine Knowlton
Catherine Perry
Catherine Shakin
Catherine Sullivan
Cedar Valentine
In memory of Geoff Ewenson
Chad Johnson
Chan Reis
In honor of A. William Reis, Jr.
Proud of the Class of ‘72!
Channing L Walker
Donated to the DEI office, hope to make the excellent experience I had at Tabor universal! Go Seawolves!
Charles Clark
Charlie Murray
Go class of 1983!
Chase Cooper
Chris & Lauren Millette
Chris Boucher
We Got This.
Chris Dowley
Chris Hall
It's a great day to be a Seawolf! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!
Chris Morse
Cheers! Class of 1986
Chris Perry
Christian Garris
Christian Tracy
Christina Pierro
Christopher Aitken
Christopher Beach
Christopher Birkins
Christopher Marx
In honor of Todd Miller
Christopher McEnroe
In honor of Chef Andy Oliveira
Christopher Mills
Great day to be a seawolf!
Christopher Scott
I hope the School by the Sea is as wonderful an experience for today's students as it was for all of us from '91.
Christopher Weeks
Christos Poravas
Cindy Giandomenico
Coke & Stefanie Whitworth
Colby Chevalier
Colby Morgan
Conan Leary
Connor Barley
For the TA Crew and Soccer Teams and for the Tabor Ceramics Program
Connor Gordon
Connor Murphy
Cory Heselton
In honor of Travis Roy
Courtney Polhemus
Craig Kulas
Cristin Gillespie
Crystal Flynn
In honor of Travis Roy
Daina Bray
In honor of Travis Roy
Love having an opportunity to give back to Tabor, which did so much for me and for all of us!!
Dalton Menhall
Dan Cooney
Let’s GO TA!
Dan Zinsmeyer
In honor of Travis Roy
All a Taut o ‘86
Dan Zinsmeyer
Dana Resmini
Dana Richards Vaitses
Daniel Palmer
Darah Harper
In honor of Becky Westcott class of '94
Dave (Trovato) Wright
Dave DeFilippo
David & Lynne Barker
David Barr
David Barr
In honor of David Morton
David Barrett
David Clayman
In honor of Gil Stokes
In memory of Gil Stokes
David DeFilippo & Peter Aronson
David Dinneen
David Eyler
In Loving Memory of Travis Roy
David Howard
David Kellar
David Marshall
David Pepin
Deb Cohen
Debbie Cosentino
Love the School by the Sea. Tabor Strong.
Deborah Nugent
Denise Shanahan
Derek Gladding
In honor of Rob Jordan
In memory of Rob Jordan
Derek Krein
Deron Ellis
So proud that you are working on diversity/inclusion. It’s not always easy and we make mistakes along the way but the result is worth it! Go Seawolves!
Desi Csongor & The Csongor Family
Devon Barley
Devon Rannazzisi
Devyn Giumarra
Diana Knightly
Dorelle Zahn
Good luck today!
Doug Coupe
Doug Smith
Douglas Lovell
In honor of Julie Salit and all the faculty and staff who have risen to the occasion during 2020-21!!
Douglas Swartz
Douglas and Ann Rich
Drake Reid
Drake Reid Family
Drew Marvel
In honor of BLM
Drew Porter and Amy Porter
Ed Bresnahan
In honor of TA Parents - Thanks Mom & Dad
Hope to see all on the Zoom union tonight!
Edward Fiorentino
Eileen and Stephan Marceau
Elaine Cederholm
In support of DEI
Eleanor Conroy
Eleanor Crow
Eli Smith
Elisha Nyman
Eliza Kennedy
Elizabeth Abbott
Elizabeth Bodkin
In honor of Travis Roy
Elizabeth Calore
In honor of Grace Magee '21
So proud of my daughter Grace Magee '21
Elizabeth Cheney
Proud past parent and current staff member -- go, Tabor GO!
Elizabeth Dognazzi
Elizabeth Hurleu
Proud to support Tabor!
Elizabeth Leary
Elizabeth Leary
In memory of Travis Roy 95'
Elle Smith
Ellie Pierce
Ellison Bakelaar
In honor of Class of 1993
Honored to give to Tabor on behalf of the Class of 1993! Cheers to all that participate in supporting the school that gave so much to us! I hope you all take the time to GIVE BACK!
Emilie Ball
Emily Dowal
In memory of Travis Roy
Eric and Margaret Davis
Eric Rowley
Eric Shabshelowitz
In honor of Katherine (Reeve) Graham '01 and Katherine Paez '01
Erica Paquin Meyers
Erica Wright
Erika Carleton
Eugene and Nancy Proctor
Evan Abbott
In honor of Travis Roy
Fiona Clancy
Frances Robinson
Frank M
It's a great day to be a Sea Wolf!!
Frank Townsend
Fred Brooking
Fred Law
Freddy Cicerchia
Support this Great School!
Gale Runnells
Garrett Curran
Garry Schaefer
Class of 1972 Challenge!
Gary Koch
Gary Lawrence
In honor of Bart Nourse
Gary Sousa
Geoffrey April
Geoffrey McCarthy
In honor of Heidi
George Johnson
Gordon Connor
Grant O'Connell
Greer Gehler
Thank you for supporting BLM and our students/faculty of color!
Greg Stevens
Gregg Nourjian
Looking forward to connecting with THE GREAT CLASS OF 1984 tonight on Zoom!!!
Hanley Johnson-Scott
In honor of Grace Punsky - my new favorite Seawolf
Hannah Perry
Harold Bost
Harold Crain
Harrison Lyman
Heather Huszar
Heather Tabisola
In honor of Katherine Paez '01
For the students who stood-up for what they believed in today. You matter.
Hector Jones
Go Seawolves!
Henry Keene, Jr
Hillary Kennedy
Holley Tyng
In honor of Travis Roy
Hong Shen
Howard Cantor
Hugh Dawson
Hunter Nadler
Ian Del Balso
Ian Patrick
India Daniel
Ivan Frantz
JJ Reydel
Jack Gordon
Jack Hill
Jack Kirk
Jack Marvel
Jackson Cederholm
Jackson Reydel
Jacqueline Dugan
Jacqueline Shire
Happy to do this with the powerhouse class of 84!
Jake Glashow
In honor of Tucker Francis and his love for the extracurriculars
James Ball
James Birkins
James Brennan
In honor of James, Margaret Chris Brennan scholarship fund
James Geil
In honor of Tucker A. Francis
In memory of Tucker A. Francis
James Henry
In memory of Cesar Albini
James Herron
James Holmes
Congrats Class of '72 for meeting the challenge!
James Kineon
Jamie Rotman
Jared & Rebecca Synnestvedt
Jared Shuster
Jay Fernald
GO 84’
Jay Readyhough
Jean McBide
Jean Sudduth
Jeanette Lofsky
Proud to be an alumna of TA!
Jeanne Shaunessy
Go Seawolves!
Jeff Akeson
Jeffrey and Betsy Oakes
Jen Ziskin
Jenell Haas
Jenn Breitling
In memory of Travis Roy
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Horton
Jennifer McIntire
Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Tichon
Jenny Aikman '24
Jessica Hawley
Jessica Keough
In honor of Travis Roy
Day of giving!
Jillian Silva
In honor of My Advancement Peeps!
Jim Bartlett
Let’s go ‘84
Jim Crick
Jim Holmes '72
Jim Sherbahn
Jingying Wu
Go Seawolves!
Joan Mabie
In honor of Tucker Francis
Joe & Peg Zanella
Joe Buteau
Joelle and Greg Lydon
John Derek Reid
John Goll
In memory of Geoff Ewenson & Travis Roy
John Hallen
John Hamilton
John M Barnett
John Marshall
John Pitts
John Rice
Support the School by the Sea and the Tabor Boy
John Shakin
John Taber
John Villela
In honor of Chad Nunes
Johnathan Stevens
Jon Mabie
Jonathan Klaren
Jonathan Pezzoni
Jonathan Pirkey
Joseph Minella
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Zaccari
Josh Piekarski
Julia Childs
Happy Happy days!
Julia Shackleton
Julie Cordonnier
Julie Salit
In memory of My friend and colleague, Travis
Julie Savage
Kara Zammito
Karen O'Connor
Karen W Jason
Kari Marvel
In honor of Black Lives Matter
Karl Jackson
Kat Mitchell
Kate Marvel
In memory of Travis Roy '95
Kate Vareika
Kathleen Newman
In memory of Nick Veronesi
Let's go Class of 2012!
Kathryn Lally
Be the change, set the example.
Katie Browning
Katie Sudduth
Keith Boegler
Kelley Burke
Kelley Newman
To support initiatives for racial justice & equality and to make Tabor a more welcoming & inclusive place for all
Kelley Vesey
Kelly & TJ Walker
In memory of Travis Roy, thanks for inspiring us all to be our best
Kelly Abbott
In memory of Tucker Francis
Kelly Niehoff Schmidt
Kelsey Shakin
In honor of Travis Roy!
Kelsey Smith
In honor of Bubba Smith
Ken Morley and Alison Majors
Kerry Saltonstall
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin Steege
Kevin and Sarah MacPherson
Kiley O'Leary
Kim Garey
Kristen Burke
Kristen Mozayeni
Kristen Peterson
In honor of the first class of young women to graduate from Tabor and in support of true DEI @ Tabor.
Kristiane Graham
Kristin McLaughlin
Laura Ferreira-Cesar
In honor of Travis Roy
Laura Grimes
Black Lives Matter
Laura Latka
In memory of Travis Roy
Thank you Tabor for so many wonderful memories....this gift is made in memory and love for Travis Roy.
Laura Millar
Laura and Durocher
In honor of Jonathan "Bubba" Smith
Laurel Schnitman
In memory of Travis Roy
Laurelle O’Neil
Lauren Boucher
In honor of Black Lives Matter
Lawrence Kook
In honor of Travis Roy
Do it!
Layton Thompson
Lee Jones
Lee Pokoik
Leon & Rozalie Budilovsky
Lexie Scott
In memory of Travis Roy
Lilly Maki
Lily Smith
Linda Selland
Lindsey Higgins
Lisa (Pozzo) Iannella
Lisa Eyler
In memory of Travis Roy ‘95. You are missed but never forgotten.
In memory of Travis Roy ‘95 who represented the best of Tabor.
Loraine Snead
Lorraine Barba
Louis Wolfe
Lucie Corkery
Lucy Saltonstall
Go Seawolves!
Lydia Mathias
In memory of Jeffrey Mathias
M/M Eric Holch
Go Team Tabor!
Mackenzie Chaput
Macy Reed Schmalz
Madeleine Mahoney
Maggie Finley
Maija Scarpaci
In honor of Travis Roy ‘95
Malcolm See
Malcom See
Marcy and Wes Langeland
In honor of Travis Roy '95
Margaret Collins
Margot Feeney Kalkanis
Marissa Gentile
Mark Parsons
In honor of Jeff Goldman, still alive, class of '86
All-A-Taut-O '86. Miss you guys.
Mark Parsons
In honor of Jeff Goldman, dead to me now
Class of 86 rules 4 eva
Mark Ribeiro
Marshall Birkins
In honor of Nancy Wickenden
Marty Hackel
In honor of class of 1961
Mary Katharine McIntire
In honor of Tucker Francis
Mary Mackey
Mary McCain
Mary and Steve McRae
In honor of Katherine Paez ‘01
Mathew Macdonald
Matthew Jackson
For DE&I
Matthew Schiff
Matthew Tracy
Matthew Windhol
Meagan McCarthy
In memory of Travis Roy
Meaghan Sullivan
Meghan Barrett Welch
Meghan Grover
Meghan Parks
Melanie Travers
Melissa De La Vega
In memory of Heidi Ferguson
Melissa Mannino
Mell Giegerich
Meredith Ryder
Merrick Gregory
Merry & John
In honor of Travis-The Best of the Best!
Michael Bobola
Michael Bray 🍷🙏🏼🔥
Thank you for the reminder, Conan!! 🙏🏼☮️🍷
Michael Cosentino
In memory of Travis Roy
Michael Lorusso
Michael Porrazzo
Michael Press
Michael Rogers
Michael Wahl
In honor of Travis Roy
Michele & Allen Moore
Michelle & Scott Carter
Mike McGreal
Thanks Lex Browning. Doing big things
Mike Miele
In honor of Mr. Joseph Miele
Milagros Ramirez
Mitch and Meg Ocampo
Great job thank you TA!
Molly Maloney
Molly McCarthy
In memory of Travis Roy ‘95
Molly McIlvaine
In honor of Travis Roy
Monay Sanders
Thank you Tabor!
Mr and Mrs Dwight Blake
Mégane Mongrain
Nadine Cunningham
Black Lives Matter
Nat Saltonstall
Natalie Cote
Love that school!
Nathaniel Walton
Ned Mitchell
Nicholas Penfield
Nicholas Putnam
Nicole Greene
In honor of Travis Roy Class of 95’
In honor of Travis Roy
Nicole Long
Nina See
Noah Sadhwani
Oakley Jones
Obadiah Greer-Canrey
Orlando Patterson
Our engaged classmates
This gift was made as a match to the 18 classmates who connected with us in one way or another (Email, phone, Zoom) for Day of Giving but were unable to donate at this time. Their participation earned a $25 gift each towards Tabor's Annual Fund.
Owen Rudicus
PJ O’Connell
In memory of Travis Roy
PJ Poulin
Pamela O'Brien
In honor of Travis Roy '95
Patricia Dodge
Patrick O’Brien
Patrick Sherbrooke
Paul Aston
Paul Durgin
Paul Goulet
Paul Murphy
It's a great day to be a Seawolf!
Penny MacIntyre
Peter Cheney
Tabor is a special place. I loved my time here and will never forget the memories I have made. Hopefully my donation can help make the necessary changes that are needed for a better future. Once a Seawolf, always a seawolf ❤️
Peter Eastman
Peter Poillon
Peter See
Peter Watts
In memory of Clifton Watts, Jr.
Phil Tyson
Philip Kennedy
Go Seawolves!!
Phillips Smith
Phoebe Cabot
Prince and Lily Nuamah
In honor of Samuel Nuamah
R. Gregg Nourjian
R. Gregg Nourjian
Thanks for the Challenge Lex! Happy to support DEI in addition to Financial Aid!
Ralph Greene
Ray Mino
Reagan Eyler
In honor of Tucker Francis
Reed LeSteed
Reed Porter
Go TA!
Regina Shakin
In honor of Travis Roy
Richard Franyo
We love Tabor. All A Taut O
Richard Freitas
Richard Jarbeau
Richard Needham
In memory of Richard H. Needham, 49'
Richard Reed
In honor of Travis Roy
Riley Eger
Riley Whitham
Robert Cowan
Robert Kraemer
Robert Malm
Robert O'Leary
In honor of Travis Roy
Robert Pinkston
Robert Swift
In honor of C. Garris ‘05 and all the work he puts forth for the students here at Tabor. He makes our school a better place
Robert&Joanne Fallon
Roger Woodman Jr
Glad to see so many familiar names.
Ronald Mycock
Roxanne Dunlop
In memory of Travis M. Roy
Roy Strand and Liz Rathborne
Russell Fearing
In honor of G R Duffy
Ryan Costello
Ryan England
Ryan Michney
In honor of Dennis Herer
In memory of Dennis Herer
Sam Adams
Sam Toomey
Samantha Lawrence
Samantha Muther
Sarah Cappelli
Sarah Lang
Sarah Palestine
Sarah White
Scott & Karen Leaver
Scott Barnhill
Scott Johnson
Scott McGrane
In memory of Travis Roy
Sean Donahue
In honor of Matt Houlihan
It's a great day to be a Seawolf!
Sean Harlow
Selbie Jason
Seth Burr
In honor of Travis Roy
Shane Borman
Shannon Kerr
Shawn Barry
Thank you Tabor!
Sheila + Matt Fee
Shirley Meinkoth
In memory of Harold Meinkoth
Sonia Diaz
Thank's Tabor
Spencer Zahn
In memory of Flynn Grinnan
Stacey McCarthy
In honor of Heidi
Stacy Carlson
Stacy Jagodowski
Stacy Turner
In memory of Travis Roy
Stan Godwin
We need at least 8 more from Class of '72!
Stephanie Ciampa
Stephanie Cockrell Lyon
Stephanie Sykes
Stephen Cochran
Keep up the good work Tabor!
Stephen Daniel
In honor of India and Harding Daniel
Stephen Goddard
Stephen O’Brien
In honor of Travis Roy
Stephen Sanford
Stephen Sprague
Stephen Washburne
Steve Cowen
For the 1972 class challenge!
Steve Davidow
Steve Savage
Go Seawolves!
Steven DesRuisseaux
Steven Galavotti
Steven Schwartz
Steven Tolman
Stuart Egenberg
Go 8t4!
Susan K Karp
Susan Kenny
In memory of Travis Roy
Susan and John Ingle
Sybil Dufour
Tabor Boys Basketball Team
Tamar Cunha
Taylor Megna
Ted Dunn
Ted Estelle
Ted Kakas
The Kensington Family
The Pickup Family
Go Tabor! Best wishes to the Class of 2021!
The Styles Family
The Townsend Family
In honor of Having difficult conversations, doing hard work and creating change.
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Mottur
In honor of Travis Roy '95
Go Seawolves! Go Class of 1984!
Thomas Riley
Go Seawolves!!
Thomas Shapiro
Tim Cheney
Tim Cleary
Tim Wojcik
Timothy Clark
Timothy McNamara
To all Students and Faculty of Color - past, present and Future.
To those in the TABOR family who push, give, lead, lift and support TABOR FACULTY and STAFF, WE thank you! And thank you Travis for all that you've done for us Seawolves! Your legacy here will be celebrated every day. We miss you. RD '89
Toby Miller
Todd DeBlois
Class of ‘95 Rules!
Tom and Kathy Kirk
Trey Coscia
Black Lives Matter
Tricia Smith
In memory of Travis Roy AND for the future of DEI work at TA
In memory of Travis Roy for DEI work and the future of this work at our school.
Tyler Mitchell
Go Seawolves!
Walter Landergan
Wayne Day-Laporte
Wayne Long
Wendy McSheffrey
Wesleigh McMahon
In honor of Travis Roy
Wesley McMichael
West Riggs
Whitney Andresen
Whitney Greene
Wiley Wakeman
Will Appleton
Will Hall
William Dickey
William Morrissey
William Saltonstall
Winder Heller
Woodard Hooper
In honor of Tucker Francis
Woody Foster
Zandra Levesque
Zibby Perkins
Adam joffe
Catherine sheridan
Clare trautvetter
In honor of Travis Roy
Edmund frank
Eric strand
Ernest chornyei
Class of 1961!
Hyun jung oh
Black Lives Matter.
India johnstone
Black Lives Matter
J. scott martin
Jessica cashman
I am so grateful for my years at Tabor. However, I recognize that many of my Black peers are not as fortunate. I donate to make their experience better. I hope to see meaningful and lasting change. Black Lives Matter.
In memory of Tucker Francis
Support Tabor during this unprecedented time of transition ...
I am making this donation in the hope that we see a true and continuous commitment, everyday, to diversity and inclusion at Tabor, particularly for Black students. In that light, I am making a donation to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund as well.
In memory of Matthew Houlihan
In memory of Tucker Francis -- Be Nice
In honor of Mary Kate McCain, Matt Voci and Rick DaSilva

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Dave DeFilippoAlumni ’84
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David DeFilippo & Peter AronsonAlumni ’84
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Our engaged classmatesAlumni ’84
Supported 10 months ago
This gift was made as a match to the 18 classmates who connected with us in one way or another (Email, phone, Zoom) for Day of Giving but were unable to donate at this time. Their participation earned a $25 gift each towards Tabor's Annual Fund.
A^2+ChelsAlumni ’21
Supported 10 months ago
Charlie MurrayAlumni ’83
Supported 10 months ago
Go class of 1983!
David BarrettAlumni ’70Trustee/Past Trustee
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